Best 13 ways to increase blog traffic

The more traffic, the more you can earn. Once your blog website is getting ready, now it’s time to bring the audience into your blog. Let’s see how you can increase blog traffic. So you need to decide your target audience. Then you have to do some keyword research and pick up the right title of your blog and meta description. Your article should be unique, don’t do any copy-paste method. It will affect your google rank directly.  The article you are writing should be nicely structured with h1 tags and should follow the basic SEO. Giving the audience useful content and adding videos would be better. 

The video could be yours or someone else. If it’s a video from your youtube channel, then you are getting the chance of double income traffic. Because whoever sees the video can come to your website and read the blog. Alternatively, whoever reads your blog goes and clicks your video and increases youtube video count. So it’s a two-way method.


1. Responsive website

Your site must be responsive which means it should be adapted to any type of monitor and device. So it should be fit to all the browsers, all the monitor sizes, and mobile devices. Because you might not know your audience how to access the website. It should be viewable nicely for all with bug-free navigation. There are many online simulator tools available to check this.

2. Website speed

website speed

Your blog website speed is very important to get ranking in google. If you desire to place your website link on the top 10 of google search listings, then you must improve the site speed very much. You can test your website speed on google page insights or GTmetrix. They will provide you accurate results of your website speeds and area of improvement to boost the speed. For better website speed, you can go for the below host provider.

Best hosting for blog website

3. Targeting audience 

The first thing you think before you write your first blog must be deciding who your audience is. Who will read your content? Who will benefit from it ? This will help you sharpen your writing skill and you can be more accurate in deciding your niche. You can have multiple niches for the blog and do tests for the most effective niche and concentrate on that more. But my suggestion is don’t have more than 3 niches for the website.

4. Keyword research

Once you get the idea about the target audience, you need to investigate what their searching terms are, which means what they are looking for on the internet. This is the place where you can decide your article topics.

Some people actually spend a huge time creating the headline as they do, creating the content. That’s how important it is. So you are really encouraging your audience and making them click the topic title.

And one of the first things you want to do when you’re doing keyword research is go ahead and look at all the topic ideas that you want to cover on your site. It would be better to choose commercial intent keywords such as “buy”, “product”. It will get you more sales if you are targeting affiliate marketing.

And that’s OK. You don’t really need to know all of the processes, you’ll just get a really good idea of what you want to talk about. And then you can use certain tools that will help with the rest of the process. Some keyword research tools that we recommend would be SMERSH. It’s really a good tool.

Some websites for keyword research:

5. Quality content

quality content

Now it’s time to start writing articles. The content should be highly readable and pleasant to users. Try to use headings, sub headings, bullet points, images and videos. Give the white space and line break to the appropriate locations of your article.

After completing your article, you just make sure that your topic keyword should be in your article title and some area of your paragraphs as well. So that the search engine can easily pick up in their search engine algorithm. If you use images in your article, then do proper alt text, caption. It will help you in SEO. The google search engine will also know better about the image.

6. Internal linking

When you have more than 10 articles on your website, try to interlink each other in the proper way. It will be helpful to the user to easily navigate within your website. you also get a nice bounce rate. Bounce rate is the session measurement based on the users landing on your site and how fast they leave your website. According to the latest survey it would be better if you maintain your bounce rate between 40% to 50%.  If you interlink your blogs in a proper way, then google may know the idea of your website. Each blog should have at least 2 internal links. 

7. Backlinks

Backlinking is the process of having your website link on other websites.  The source website must be highly ranked on google. So that you will get a high rank in google. Initially, you may find it difficult to get these backlinks for your website. First, you start with sharing your blog posts on primary social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. These links will be direct visitors back to your website. You can write guest posts on other relevant blog websites. At the same time, invite other bloggers to do guest posting on your website. You can interview other bloggers and put in on your website and share the link with them. So they can share that on their social media platforms and place it on their own website. These kinds of blog links are good indicators for Google to know how serious you are about your blog. Here are some of the best websites for backlinks.

  • MyBlogU
  • Semify
  • Haro
  • Brize sugar
  • Write for us
  • Linkedin
  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Directory world

8. Online networking

Social network - blogyfly

Start doing online networking. Join all popular social media platforms, join groups, create groups or communities. Follow more people on the network. So you might get a follow back. According to the research, out of 5 you follow, 1 person turns to follow you back. Find popular Q&A websites similar to Quora and try to participate in more conversations in the communities, so that people will know about you and your website. During the conversation or answer the questions, you can provide your blog link in an appropriate manner. Here are the top 12 of the sites you can use for free blog promotion.

  • Medium
  • Quuu Promote
  • Pinterest
  • Flipboard
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Facebook pages/groups
  • Tumblr
  • Triberr
  • Alltop

9. Email Marketing

And then finally, which this really should be, right after you published your first blog post, create an email list, go ahead and get signed up with an email service provider.

Once you do that, you can do a simple optimum form on the end of every one of your posts or put it in your sidebar. You can even do an exit intent pop up if you’re using something like Opt In Monster and then also add a lead magnet. But the first thing you want to do is definitely set up the opt-in form before you start getting out on social media profiles and getting out there and answering in online communities.

Authoritative guide on email marketing success

Send Unlimited Emails For Free | OutSendNinja

Best email marketing services

10. Advertising

At some point of time, you may go for paid promotions to get more traffic and sales. It’s completely up to you based upon your site analytics. This is the smart way of bringing visitors to your website.

Here are some places to advertise your website

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Linkedin ads
  • Outbrain

11. Keep watching analytics

Google analytics is the key tool for you to identify which page got more views and your website visitors region, devices, browsers everything you need. Also analyse on which time period your traffic gets increasing and which post/page got more visits.

12. Keep an eye on your competitors

Watch how your competitors are writing blogs and how they are getting backlinks. It will give you some ideas to follow and give better results than them.

13. Update your old posts

Often you need to review your old posts’ content and make sure that data is up to date. Because outdated content does not attract visitors as well as it will create a bad impact on your blog content. So do this audit every month. 


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