Dropshipping Definition: Easiest Way To Earn Money

For entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs, dropshipping is still an interesting topic, but what is the Dropshipping definition? What are the advantages and disadvantages of how it works, and what should be considered? We will see those things in this article.

We need to understand a little background: drop shipping is not really a new business model. The American company Zappos began direct delivery in 1999.

Amazon and Sears have also used this model for some time. Today, about 33% of the entire e-commerce industry uses dropshipping as its main business model. Now let’s take a look at what drop shipping is, and why you might be interested in this model if you are interested in starting your own business. Don’t wait for others to do it.

Dropshipping definition – What is Drop Shipping? 

what is dropshipping

Many stages of traditional e-commerce are skipped, and the product remains a trading partner before being shipped to the end customer. In the logistics area (mainly at the B2B level). With the transition to the digital world and the expansion to the B2C world, the term dropshipping has been established. Okay, but how does dropshipping work now? 

How does dropshipping work? 

how dropshipping works

In fact, it is relatively easy. First, research a product that you think is promising. You can then recommend and promote this content through your online store or other sales channels (such as social media). Your marketing activities allow you to find customers, search your website, and order products. 

You receive the order and send it (it can also be run automatically) to your supplier. Process the order from there and send it to your customer. The customer pays you, you pay the trading partner, and the margin stays with you as a profit. 

In terms of inventory management, the drop-shipping model is different from traditional retail (online or offline), because there is usually a large number of products that need to be purchased, stored, and then sent to customers.

Here is an infographic: It sounds perfect at first, doesn’t it? But as always, dropshipping has its advantages and disadvantages. Now let us take a closer look at them. 

Dropshipping  Benefits 

Dropshipping has several important benefits, especially for entrepreneurs who are just taking the first step in e-commerce.

dropshipping benefits

Low startup capital

As mentioned earlier, as a dropshipper, you don’t have to purchase any products in advance, you only need to purchase the products that have been requested. This advantage provides dropshippers with greater flexibility than the classic e-commerce model. 

Therefore, many different articles can be easily tested to determine a truly successful product. You can then advertise these more intensively to achieve maximum sales. It does not require a large initial investment, and it is also an ideal model for those who want to try e-commerce and gain experience first.

There is no inventory and no storage costs

Since the products are kept at your supplier and shipped from there, you can work without your own warehouse. No need to worry about houses, furniture, employees and transportation. Instead, you can invest the saved budget into your website and marketing. 

There is no commodity risk

This is closely related to the bottom line: asset risk describes the fact that some products do not sell well, and they are terrible commodities that spread slowly. But because you don’t have your own inventory, this risk is completely eliminated for affiliates.

No order processing

After receiving the order, forward it to your direct wholesaler, who will then be responsible for assembly, packaging and transportation. This order processing can be very fragmented and time-consuming. Rock climbing can accelerate your path to success.

Location independence

By completely withdrawing from the supply chain, a dropshipping business can also be designed very well regardless of location. Whether you are sitting here in the United states or in a coworking space in the Netherlands – the processes will hardly change. Therefore, dropshipping is also perfect for (budding) digital nomads or for people who want to build up an additional income.

Dropshipping disadvantages

Where there are benefits, there is also a disadvantage. Admittedly, there aren’t that many when it comes to dropshipping. Here are some disadvantages of dropshipping.  

Less impact on customer satisfaction

No matter how good your online shop is, if your supplier sends the package too late, the shipment is on the way too long, the shipment is damaged or maybe doesn’t arrive at all, then you have a problem. In addition, you are always dependent on cooperation with your partner when solving such problems. This means that few things are out of your control. 

Less impact on the brand

When you first started working with suppliers, you hardly had the option of branding your products and packaging. We are also talking about brands here. Usually everything is considered universal, just your brand. T

he name will be listed as the return address on the package, but if you have a long-term cooperation with your partner and have achieved good sales, it will also provide you with more brand choices.

The advantages mentioned have attracted many retailers, so competition in almost all product segments is very fierce.

Profit margins are often very low

This is also the support of personal shopping. However, the problem is poor profitability. This can be avoided by conducting thorough research, testing, and focusing on untapped niches. Today, with the right products and the right marketing mix, attractive sales can be achieved. 

Dropshipping Instructions: How to Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

How to Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

We hope that you understand the dropshipping concept and its benefits. Now you want to know how to get started. You can find a lot of information on the topic on our blog. we would like to give you a brief initial overview.

Step 1: Develop your business idea

So you decide to start drop shipping. Ideally. But now you must carefully consider your actual business philosophy, your concept. You should ask the following questions: 

  • What products do I want to sell? 
  • Concerned about the price? 
  • What sales channels will I use to sell? 
  • Which markets and target groups will I target? 
  • What is my marketing strategy? 
  • What makes me different from the competition?
  • What do I need to estimate and how much do I need to estimate? 

Even if it requires a little hard work and preparation, it will make it easier for you to get started and greatly increase your chances of success.

Step 2. Find products and suppliers

If you want to run a successful drop shipping business, you first need one thing: at least one attractive product that can be sold through your store and/or other sales channels. Carefully contact each retailer and arrange delivery. Today, everything has become easier and faster.

If you have a Shopify store, you can install the Oberlo app and use it to import products to your store with one click. Willing to try to sell and make money. You can also quickly see which products are popular and which products are usually offered by other retailers.

Direct shipping tip: You should always request samples before selling. This is how you can ensure the delivery process. And product quality. Learn exactly the factors to consider when choosing a drop shipping service provider in this blog post.

Step 3. Check your competitors

Once you have discovered a product that you think is promising, it’s time to conduct some research on your competitors.

Is there already a supplier in the market that sells the same product? If so, how do you position yourself and where do you sell? How is your marketing going and at what price? Although it takes time, this research will be very worthwhile and will increase your chances of success. 

Step 4: Marketing, Promotion and Customer Service 

As we have learned before, the drop shipping model can save you a lot of time and money. You need to invest these resources in marketing and customer service activities to build your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.

In customer service, you must consider how to handle complaints, how to handle returns, and which channels you will use to communicate with customers. The purpose of all these aspects should be to ensure the most enjoyable interaction with customers and to obtain frequent customers and recommendations.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, you have many choices like social media marketing, Google Ads, influencer marketing and even guerrilla marketing.

The possibilities seem endless, but make sure that your measures are also applicable to your target group. As with product selection, it makes sense to experiment a lot and then expand the most effective measures. You can find initial ideas in our marketing mix article. 

Best dropshipping websites

Best Dropshipping Suppliers

  • Spocket.
  • AliExpress.
  • Suppliersdata.
  • SaleHoo.
  • Doba.
  • Wholesale2B.
  • Worldwide Brands.
  • Wholesale Central.
  • Sunrise Wholesale.
  • MegaGoods.
  • InventorySource.
  • National Dropshippers.
  • Dropshipper.com.
  • OfficeCrave.com. 

Frequently asked questions about dropshipping

How to start a dropshipping business? 

Is it easy to implement? Drop shipping is easier than ever. With Shopify or woocommerce, you can instantly create your own online store, completely in your design, and with all the features you need to sell. With the Oberlo app, you can search for products and import them into your store with just a few clicks.

Does my client know that I am doing drop shipping?

If you use Oberlo’s listed suppliers to obtain your products, your customers will not know that you are dropping shipping. why? You don’t have to worry about these suppliers, including promotional materials or your own suppliers.

Invoice your customers in the form of packages. However, we recommend that you briefly indicate to the supplier that you are an affiliate when ordering. So rest assured. 

Why would someone buy from my store instead of directly from the supplier? 

Because you just do better. This is the best marketing strategy that can help you reach potential customers first. It is your brand that convinces people to buy from you.

People believe how your business is built, even if it all depends on where you are. This is the value you add by providing additional services or content.

This is a technology that makes shopping easier for shoppers. Don’t be dazzled by price competition, don’t try to be the cheapest supplier, but calculate the price you feel comfortable with, pay your costs and make attractive profits..

Dropshipping United states Delivery takes a long time, are customers waiting? 

Your job is to clearly define your shipping guidelines and then post them in a prominent place on your store website. The goal is to elicit clear expectations from the customer from the beginning. EPacket option, the package will usually be delivered to your customer within 714 days.

After all, many of the suppliers listed on Oberlo have a good track record of fast delivery, so you can delight your customers not only with first-class products, but also with reliable and fast delivery. 

What about quality risks and possible copyright infringement? 

You may have heard stories about Chinese goods that are sometimes of extremely low quality. Unfortunately, some of these stories are true. Under normal circumstances, this issue can be viewed from a different perspective. In fact, regardless of your geographic location.

Does the provider speak English? 

The English of Chinese suppliers is not always perfect. However, you can contact them in advance to familiarize yourself with their language skills. Larger suppliers are usually very sensitive. Your sales team can manage your orders and answer your questions via live chat or email. 

How can established companies benefit from dropshipping? 

The concept of learning by doing has been successful in drop shipping. Obviously, existing companies will not transfer their execution model to a drop shipping model, but even in these cases, it makes sense to treat drop shipping as a replacement or supplement. In short, dropshipping is a great model that you can use to quickly test new product ideas.

 In addition, you can add some more new product categories after a couple of days. If successful, you can purchase the product. Store them in your warehouse as usual. In this way, you can reduce the risk of acquiring inventory without knowing whether it will sell well. Therefore, drop shipping can effectively increase the flexibility of your company.

Some dropshipping tools to help you earn more money


Speak for yourself. Why can’t you use it to make money? One thing is clear. Understanding the topic of direct marketing requires time, careful research and planning. 

However, there are many arguments in favor of drop shipping. It is the easiest way to start your own online business. It is perfect for trying new product ideas. It also requires a small amount of start-up capital, giving you the opportunity to take risks.

You can simplify and automate the more complex aspects of the drop shipping business and eliminate some of the pitfalls we are studying and above listed tools. 

These tools can help you maximize profits by formulating the right marketing strategy and building a brand. You don’t have to worry about managing your inventory, it just speeds up the start of a successful business.

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