Email marketing for beginners: Proven strategy

What is email marketing and how does it work

Email marketing is a very popular and widespread online marketing channel, mainly because of its great effectiveness, you can reach customers or other contacts quickly and reliably with little effort, the costs are well below other forms of direct marketing such as a post. 

Direct marketing

Email marketing is a special form of online marketing and direct marketing. Information and advertising messages are sent via email specifically to individuals or groups of people who have registered to receive emails from the sender. Customize the greeting and the content. Direct and personal communication is established with the recipient.

The email marketing company must process and save the recipient’s personal data, such as name and email address, in order to set up an address distribution list. Recipients must have expressly consented to delivery beforehand, as unwanted advertising is viewed as a nuisance and can lead to warnings and fines from the company.

Email marketing uses

Email marketing can be used both to retain existing customers and to acquire new customers. Customer relationships can be strengthened and customer loyalty increased. Depending on the target group, different intentions can be pursued. Special sales and discount campaigns can set buying impulses and thus promote short-term sales. Information about new products stimulates sales in the introductory phase.

Email marketing is one of the most widely used tools in online marketing. By sending emails, depending on the size of the mailing list, a large number of stakeholders and customers can receive information relevant to purchasing decisions quickly and at the same time. 

What is email marketing strategy

email marketing strategy

A successful email marketing campaign also requires appealing graphic design and attention-grabbing content. A meaningful subject line and a graphic identification of the sender with the integration of the company or brand logo next to the sender’s name are at first glance decisive elements in the inbox in order to get the recipient to open the advertising email despite a large number of emails. 

Some email providers certify sender addresses. A certification symbol next to the sender ID has a trust-building effect and promotes the opening rate. Content and editorial structure should be tailored to the target group with a balanced mix of text and image elements. Within the advertising email, you can link to the website or the online shop, or texts are linked that can only be mocked briefly so that the entire article can be read or a product order can be placed directly. 

Not only are the low prices convincing, but the ease of use also enables almost everyone to send effective newsletters themselves, and also you can use it to increase your website traffic.

There are many examples of useful areas of application for marketing by email from blogs that regularly want to inform interested parties about new articles, to companies that send new customers a series of emails with relevant customer information, to online shops that serve their existing customers open regularly to draw attention to new offers.

Email marketing is no longer limited to large companies; it can be used professionally by anyone. We have put together some tips for a successful start in email marketing. The right software Here it is worthwhile to compare different solutions.

1. Choosing right software

Different providers differ greatly in terms of price, functionality, and reliability. You should definitely consider these factors: 

  • Cost per email sent: Oftentimes, the price drops with higher shipping volumes. 
  • Pricing model: Billing is based on the number of emails sent or the number of recipients. Both prepaid and subscription models are common for payment. 
  • Shipping capacity: The number of emails that a provider can send per hour should be as high as possible. 

In addition, the provider’s servers must be whitelisted so that emails can arrive.

2. Creating a Recipient List 

Without a recipient list, email marketing is pretty useless. After all, you want to send your newsletter to someone. It is tempting to simply write to existing contacts or, for example, people who left their contact details in a competition. This does not always work. The sending of advertising newsletters is only permitted if the recipient has given their express consent beforehand.

Double opt-in meaning

A double opt-in is the process when a user subscribed for an email list, and then a confirmation mail is sent out to the user which includes a link to click and confirm the subscription. So based on the confirmation,  users will be added to the email list.

Using a double opt-in verification method significantly reduces the chance of spam addresses in the staging list. You are getting the sender’s Reputation Since this is an extra step for the user, it also shows a higher level of interest in the business or topic, which leads to higher engagement and ultimately better results for your marketing strategy.

This declaration of consent can be obtained, for example, in the ordering process or when registering for the newsletter using a double opt-in Registration form. When importing existing contacts, for example from an Excel list, it is a little more complicated. You are sure if you send them a confirmation e-mail and obtain the necessary declaration of consent before sending the first newsletter. The tools offer the option of automatically sending a double opt-in subscription email when importing a contact list.

3. Email marketing content ideas

The content is spot on and relevant, depending on the composition of the target audience and your own goals. Ideally, these are precisely tailored to the individual recipient and segmented into different target groups. The best possible result is achieved with individual offers that are also interesting for the respective recipient. For the recipient of a sales newsletter, different content is certainly more relevant than for the recipient of a newsletter.

Some are looking for good offers, others for the latest news. Therefore, “correct” content is very relative. Newsletter there are a few points to keep in mind that can be critical to your success. 

  • Right at the top: The area mentioned above is important when placing the most important content, for example the offers that you want to advertise in the newsletter. The term originally comes from print advertising and describes the area of ​​a newspaper or brochure that you can see at first glance without turning the pages or opening the pages. open it without scrolling. The main content, including the call to action, should definitely be at the top of the page. 
  • CTA: Using a call-to-action (CTA) is especially important.For example, this can be a button that tells readers what to do after opening the newsletter. The labeling of this CTA should be as clear and motivating as possible. “Register now” or “Collect voucher”, for example, works much better than a general request such as “Click here”. 
  • Colors and contrasts: Color contrasts should primarily be used to better sell your products. Offers and click elements should stand out clearly from the rest of the newsletter. But that’s not ‘that means you should fill the entire email with contrasting elements. Instead, focus on a single element that will grab the reader’s attention. You can find out whether this works with a simple test: bury your eyes and check out your newsletter. Do you still see where attention needs to be directed? Is it unique and easy to find?If so, you did everything right. 
  • Alternative texts: Beautiful and appealing pictures in the newsletter are of course important. However, many recipients do not see pictures the same way because their email clients do not display graphics. This is also the case with common programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird. To make email content recognizable, you should always include alternative text for graphics. These are always displayed, even if the graphics are not loaded. , for example: “30% discount on the summer collection“.

4. Pay attention when sending your first newsletter

You have found the right email marketing software, created your recipient list, created relevant content for your target groups, and designed an appealing newsletter. The first email can now be sent. This must be taken into account: 

  • Delivery time: Both shipping time and shipping day should be adapted to the respective target group. For example, B2B customers are best contacted Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. And 6 p.m. End consumers tend to be out on the weekend and at night. However, the perfect delivery time can be different for everyone.
  • Sender and concern: These are the statistics that the recipient sees earlier than beginning the e-mail and that has to persuade him. Choose a straightforward recipient, ideally with a clear call and a significant concern.
  • Mobile-optimized view: Experience has proven that extra than half of all emails are already examined on cell gadgets. That is why you have to additionally optimize newsletters for cell shows. Much electronic mail advertising gear provides templates in a responsive layout for this purpose. The show then mechanically adapts to the stop device.
  • Recipient groups: Sending an electronic mail to all to be had recipients simplest makes experience in some cases. E-mailings that are tailor-made to a particular goal organization are the most efficient. To do this, you pick recipients out of your distribution listing to whom positive traits apply (e.g. gender, consumer status, etc.). You can use all statistics which you have saved on your mailing listing for goal organization selection.
  • Testing: Before sending the e-newsletter to all recipients, you have to simply perform some tests. First, you have to ship yourself a check of the mailing to peer the way it looks. You have to additionally test all links. If possible, a junk mail check is likewise worthwhile. This allows you to decide earlier how excessive the possibility is that an e-newsletter may be intercepted with the aid of using the junk mail filters.
  • Submit: Is the transport time correct? The sender and the concern are tailored to the goal organization? Is the best show on cell gadgets assured? Have the proper recipients been decided on and the entirety has been tested? Then you could start – both ship it without delay or postdate the mailing for a favored factor in time withinside the future.

5. Tracking and continuous optimization

Successful email marketing not only includes the effective sending of newsletters, but also success tracking and continuous optimization. The prerequisite for this is the use of email marketing software with integrated tracking for recording and evaluating important key figures such as delivery rate and openness. Rate, clicking rate, unsubscribe rate, and conversion rate

It can provide information about whether the target group is being addressed correctly and how well the newsletter content is being received. Collecting the numbers is only half the battle to use this and to recognize the need for optimization in your own email marketing. Then you can improve performance step by step and make email marketing a very effective marketing tool. The infographic on the right shows which optimizations can be used if a key figure shows poor performance.

Email marketing and newsletter marketing overlap

The terms are sometimes used synonymously, since e-mails are also used to send an online newsletter, the transmission route is. The priority criteria for the differentiation are the transmission speed and the editorial concept. they tend to be broadcast irregularly with changing content. They mostly contain promotional items and services. 

Here is 30 of the Best Email Marketing Tools 2021

  1. HubSpot Email Marketing
  2. Constant contact
  3. MailGenius
  4. Litmus
  5. Sender
  6. Mad mimi
  7. Sendinblue
  8. Reach Mail
  9. Target hero
  10. Omnisend
  11. SendPulse
  12. Drip
  13. Benchmark Email
  14. Mailchimp
  15. MailerLite
  16. Mailjet
  17. Moosend
  18. EmailOctopus
  19. Cake mail
  20. Flashissue
  21. AWeber
  22. iContact
  23. GetResponse
  24. Zoho
  25. ToutApp
  26. LeadPages
  27. Infusionsoft
  28. Campaign Monitor
  29. Crystal
  30. YesWare

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Bottom line 

Email marketing is part of the standard in online marketing and offers a wide range of potential. The prerequisites for this are the use of a powerful and legally secure email marketing tool, target group-relevant content, and basic knowledge of technology, design, and usability. If they are fulfilled, almost everyone can exploit the potential of email marketing and see for themselves how quickly success can be achieved with little effort.

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