How to start drop servicing

What is drop servicing

Drop Servicing is quite simply a low-cost business model whereby you start with finding a service that’s selling well online using various methods. Drop servicing is not selling services from five of the clients you find with google ads. it’s not affiliate marketing by running ads for another company’s services. With drop service and drop shipping combined, you will be able to provide customers with everything they need in terms of services, and dropshipping has no limits on the products you can offer without any physical inventory yourself.

you find a freelancer or multiple freelancers that deliver the service you choose. Then you build an in-house team and brand around pricing and packages for that service. It differs from outsourcing, Because you’re not simply obtaining goods or a service by contract from an outside supplier or contracting work outside of your own company. you’re building an in-house team under your own branding company where you have complete control over their work processes and absorb all of their knowledge.

What is Drop Servicing Business Model?

Drop Servicing is a plan of action wherein you book a customer who needs administration and re-appropriates that work to an outsider or procures a nice commission from the whole interaction.

How Drop Servicing works?

Drop service work

First of all, great freelancers are very focused on what they do. They don’t have time to focus so much on the sales and marketing side of things. When they do, their quality suffers and so does their ability to get future clients. In general, freelancers want easy ways of getting a steady stream of clients. They can focus on what they do best with the delivery of the service while you handle the marketing and sales for them rather than having to go out there searching for clients 24 / 7. you’re doing this part for them, it’s a win-win situation

but what if they say I’m charging more than I’m paying them. This is a common worry people have about drop Servicing and drop shipping too.  if you’re selling via AliExpress, it’s the same situation but the thing is here the freelancers, or as we call them your delivery team agrees to price with you before working with you in other words.  They already told you the pricing they’re happy with. you’re just adding your profit margin to that pricing.


Who can do Drop Servicing

Anybody that wants to do Drop Servicings should do it, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a method of building a real online business and In general, if you want to build your knowledge and skills in the marketing and sales side of online businesses then drop Servicing is the best option for you.  People around the world from the United States to India are getting salespeople as young as 18 getting sales and obviously, older people can do this too. If you can build any other kind of online business, you can definitely do this one too.

How to start Drop Service

start a drop servicing business

To start a drop servicing business, you’d need:

  • Perform statistical surveying 
  • Select a productive specialty 
  • Discover assistance you’d prefer to exchange inside that specialty 
  • Secure specialists to rethink their administrations 
  • Fabricate an expert and well-looking site with an installment processor 
  • Make a client obtaining plan

Here are some options that work well for a drop servicing 

  • Website development
  • Blog creation
  • Writing blog posts (content creation)
  • Social media management
  • Graphic designing
  • Copywriting for advertising (facebook / google ads)
  • Animation or video making
  • Video editing

If you’re planning to or just starting out in the dropshipping business, then you’ll definitely want to search for drop service as a feature of your underlying strides before you adventure into it.

Top drop servicing websites

Clearly, the best wellspring of data on these future online inquiries, which create a great many outcomes on both outsource providers and registries.

There are many outsourcing stages where consultants have made their records and profiles for the expected purchasers and customers to see. At whatever point purchasers post ventures in various classifications, then, at that point applicable specialists and consultants bid on the undertaking to show their inclinations. Here are a portion of the fundamental outsourcing stages.

  • People Per Hour
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Pro blogger
  • Upwork

Here is an overview of the most popular free drop service suppliers

  • Spocket
  • AliExpress
  • Wholesale Central
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • DropWow
  • Big drop ship
  • Oberlo
  • Worldwide brands

Pros and Cons of Drop servicing

Drop service and drop shipping comparison


  • Drop servicing is more flexible, easier, and straightforward
  • Highly profitable
  • Drop servicing is significantly safer than drop shipping in that you will not have to stress over returns, discount, and item genuineness
  • No shipping involved
  • Less competition
  • No need for customer support


  • Conveyance time can change. One of the regular issues you would look in the drop administration business is dealing with the conveyance time since it’s not you who is doing the work. Truth be told, you’ve employed a specialist to tackle your job. It’s exceptionally likely that the specialist is caught up with wrapping up different assignments also, and the task gets postponed sometimes. Accordingly, you need to get the most extreme conceivable time from the customer, so you can oversee it without any problem.
  • You should manage consumer loyalty here. Continuously re-appropriate your administration to great, presumed consultants who have a ton of good appraisals.


In the wake of talking about the entire article, we have presumed that drop overhauling is a truly beneficial business contrasted with outsourcing and other internet business organizations. We have likewise contemplated that there are distinctive outsourcing stages that you can utilize either to discover customers or to enlist specialists to finish the venture. In any case, the group has made this industry exceptionally aggressive. However, it doesn’t imply that it is difficult to enter and contend. In the event that you have the right innovation, the right devices, and the right mentality, then, at that point, you can do it.



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