How to use Pinterest for blogging: 12 Tips to get traffic

Pinterest is committed to providing the best user experience for more than 400 million users. If you want to use the latest Pinterest strategy to increase traffic to your blog instead of spending hours researching it, this article is for you to know tips to get traffic. I like Pinterest. Sometimes Pins from a few years ago still bring me a lot of traffic because other users have been looking for them. Let’s see How to use Pinterest for blogging.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest was founded in 2010 by three founders. The name is derived from the English terms “attach” (pin) and “interest”. Every user can attach their favorite pictures to their bulletin board. In turn, Pinterest will beautify your content, while others will post your content on their message boards so that more users can find it and use it to expand your Pin And bring you a lot of traffic.


How exactly did I increase my Pinterest traffic in a short time?

After digging through everything I learned about Pinterest, I decided to put it all into action.

And this is what happened …

In the first month of my experiment, my Pinterest audience went from 100 to 2000.

After seeing these results, I decided to manually pin every day – a combination of pinning my own pins and repinning the pins of other pinners.

In just two months, my monthly Pinterest viewers increased to 7,000 and I started seeing an increase in link clicks too. (only around 50 clicks, but better than nothing.)

I was very motivated!

I also had over 300 link clicks on my website.

That was a huge motivation for me to keep going and so I kept creating several new Pins for each blog post.

Every user can create and upload their own pins and link their own website to them. In this way, users can access further information and products on the respective websites.

Getting active on Pinterest is actually very easy. You register and can start pinning right away. However, if you want to use the platform successfully as a traffic channel, you should consider a few things:

  • Create fresh new Pins
  • Create image with Canva
  • Use group boards
  • Join Tailwind Tribes
  • Pin continuously instead of all at once
  • Pin third-party content
  • Use pinterest contests
  • Optimize your boards
  • Install the bookmark button
  • Use the advertising options
  • Use Pinterest analytics

Tip 1: Create fresh new Pins

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest’s algorithm is designed to improve the user experience, similar to Google’s SEO method. Therefore, Pinterest prefers new and new Pins compared to old and outdated Pins. 

What exactly does the “new” pin mean? It’s simple: new pin = new background image. This does not mean an image you have not used, but an image that has not yet been used in the Pinterest database. 

Pinterest can even determine whether the background image of a Pin has been used by another Pin in the past. 

Have you used Pinterest’s visual search function? When you click the pushpin, you will see a magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner. If you click on it, you will see similar Pins, and Pinterest’s algorithm can identify similar Pins with the same image.

The Pins come from different Pinterest accounts, have different texts, and link to different websites, but the pictures remain the same. 

This is a resounding denial of the new Pinterest algorithm. Most importantly, if you create the same Pin over and over again, Pinterest will punish your account because it may be recognized as spam. So don’t use the same photo, just change the title. With this in mind, it is best to invest in new photos.

The best way is to stop using popular free photo sites. For example, Shutterstock allows you to buy cheap royalty-free images and choose from more than 200 million images.

Tip 2: Create image with Canva

In order to increase traffic on Pinterest, your content must interest users. The more attractive and interesting your Pins are, the more likely users are to visit your website. 

Canva is a very popular tool, and its free version already has many features. With Canva, you can create great Pins in the correct format and upload them directly to Pinterest, without an interface.

Tip 3: Use Pinterest SEO

As mentioned at the beginning, Pinterest is a visual search engine. You can enter any keyword in the search bar, and the algorithm will return countless results. It takes a lot of effort to get the best ranking on traditional search engines such as Google. It is similar to Pinterest. 

Several keywords also play an important role on Pinterest. By including certain search terms in the title and description of the pin, the algorithm can identify the subject of the pin and find it accordingly. You can include 2 -3  keywords per pin for best results. 

You can find suitable keywords by typing a word in the search bar and viewing suggestions. These offers are listed based on search volume. Longer keywords are generally recommended Like Google SEO, they are not as competitive as short keywords.

Always use the total number of characters available in the description and title of the contact. This shows the algorithm you are working on. It will reward you with a higher ranking and more traffic.

Tip 4: Use group boards

Many bloggers on Pinterest share their walls with others. On you can find shared boards for selected keywords. You can search for a board relevant to your niche and join.

Usually, contact details are stored in the descriptions of the pinboards. In this way, the owners of the pinboard benefit from your pins and you benefit from the reach. This brings you a lot of impressions and clicks.

Tip 5: Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind is a tool to increase interaction with Pins. If you join the so-called tribe yourself and put pins on other members, your pins will also find a place on their message boards. 

The algorithm specifically rewards you for your high level of commitment at the beginning. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you add other users’ contacts to your message board to view their contacts. 

When choosing a tribe, the main thing you should look for is that other members are in the same position as you. However, excessive and prolonged use of the product can negatively affect your results.

Over time, the algorithm will become more intelligent and detect when only the same user interacts with your Pin. Because of this, these Instagram interactive groups are now very short-lived.

Tip 6: Pin continuously instead of all at once

Pinterest offers you the choice to do bulk uploads. This way you may add an infinite variety of Pins at an equal time. However, that is additionally now no longer encouraged as continuity has a higher impact on your results.

Therefore, attempt to upload new pins regularly, preferably each day. That would not imply you need to manually add Pins each day.

Pinterest permits you to timetable your Pins and submit them on unique days and times. In addition, you should not simply upload your personal pins for your pin forums to make a certain top-rated display.

Create fresh new Pins

Tip 7: Pin third-party content

Pinterest aims to encourage users to interact with each other and reward you for posting other users’ Pins on their boards. 

This factor and the fact that your contact board is growing helps to better display your contacts and ultimately increase traffic. It will also help you build followers on Pinterest.

Tip 8: Use pinterest contests

The eighth way to get traffic through Pinterest is through Pinterest competitions. Depending on your category, freebies are appropriate. 

You can create a pin, announce a giveaway, and group all users who have added your pin to their wall. This makes your Pins exponentially influential and draws the attention of countless users to your blog.

Tip 9: Optimize your boards

Another thing I did to customize my board was to add descriptions to all of my Pinterest boards. Although most Pinterest users leave this area blank because the blogger wants to increase website traffic, you can’t afford it. 

Pinterest does this by adding descriptions to know what each board is. It also makes it easier for users to find content. To edit the board description, click the pencil icon. Then write the text with appropriate keywords.

Tip 10: Install the bookmark button

Implementing the save button will not only make it easier for your visitors to share their Pins, but it will also encourage them to do so.

Facts have proved that the save button can increase the frequency of website content on Pinterest by 5 times, and the traffic potential increases significantly.

Tip 11: Use the advertising options

Pinterest is a great place to promote products for businesses. Ads appear in user feeds and search results in the same format as normal pushpins, so users can place your content in an inconspicuous place and place your content directly in front of them. 

When you create ads for your Pinterest audience, it’s most important that people are actively searching for products like you on the site to buy them. You can give image pin ads, video pin ads, Carousel ads, App pins.

If you don’t end up converting, you don’t need all your traffic. In this case, other factors are also important: Your landing page must be optimized for conversions so that your website visitors can truly achieve their desired goals. 

It starts with the loading speed and continues until the content is relevant. In order to provide a positive user experience for both parties, you need to make sure that you don’t have false expectations when setting up pings, but be clear about where the link is going.

Only the harmonious interaction between your Pinterest activity and your website can achieve a successful and sustainable Pinterest strategy.

Tip 12: Use Pinterest analytics

In order to get the most out of your account, you need to set up a Pinterest business account to track the performance of your Pins. I like to keep track of my Pins every week to see which ones are valid and which ones are invalid. 

This way you can create new Pinned Pins and explore different fonts and sizes to see which Pin brings the free traffic to my website. With just a few clicks, you can convert your business account from a private account to a private account for free.

Some products to really help you to get more Pinterest traffic fast

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Pinterest Marketing PLR Pack


There are also large United states influencers on Pinterest, as I said, they have more than 20,000 Pinterest visitors every day. But like all channels, these are definitely exceptions, and most importantly, they appear as individuals on Pinterest. 

Because I don’t want it or because it is not suitable for all niche sites., I am satisfied with the significantly reduced number of visitors. These are the 12 tips I explained. Try it and you will get the first result soon. Have fun!


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