Is affiliate marketing worth it: The real truth

I hope your first question is, do you really make money in affiliate marketing or is this all a scam? Due to the new data protection regulations, affiliate marketing has received a lot of criticism, and some people are talking about it again. Do you want to know Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Don’t skip to the end of the article, because if you don’t read the entire content, you won’t be able to understand how to use these services.

affiliate marketing profitable

Is affiliate marketing profitable?

Whether affiliate marketing will bring you and your business depends on several factors. Ask yourself the following questions to test your potential:

  • What is your goal? Do you want to generate sales, win newsletter subscribers or increase your brand awareness, for example?
  • Is your goal measurable?
  • Do you work in the B2B or B2C area?
  • Is your target group represented online and big enough for an affiliate program to be worthwhile ?
  • Is your offer interesting for affiliates?
  • Are there enough affiliates who match your offer and could sell it authentically?
  • Are your competitors already working successfully with affiliates?

If you can define clear, measurable goals and have a sufficiently large target group, affiliate marketing could be very exciting for you. Take a look around to see if there are enough authentic sales partners and then get started! 

Data protection and affiliate marketing

The tightened data protection regulations of the GDPR have stopped data collection and cookie spam and will continue to do so. There are stricter rules and technical restrictions. In the future, many browsers will no longer set third-party cookies, that is, cookies set by servers other than the actual website. 

All of this has caused some subsidiary strategies to stop working or stop working in the future. Of course, some affiliated companies have announced that they will withdraw from affiliate marketing

However, in reality, only member organizations use mostly marginal measures. From a legal (not just moral) point of view, these measures are ultimately no longer accepted. 

Personally, I think data protection is becoming more and more important, and I don’t think this is a problem for affiliated companies. Instead, I have been trying honest and reputable affiliate marketing, creating high-quality websites, creating useful content, only describing my own experiences, and not posting fake tests.

I have never sent spam to cookies, etc., and within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation, I also prohibit the use of all scripts and cookies in the partner program of my partner website. 

I only use regular affiliate links that do not follow any content on my page. Only when someone clicks on it and visits the corresponding online store, will the store collect data or set a cookie. This not only improves data protection but also makes my page faster.

Covid 19 and affiliate marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly brought many negative effects, but this situation has also accelerated the development of online businesses. Many people shop online for the first time and find it is a good alternative to in-store shopping. 

Of course, many people will return to the store they want if possible, but I think affiliate marketing, in particular, will benefit from it. As more and more people search for information and shop, the situation is urgent. 

When the epidemic slowly passes and everything slowly returns to normal, certain industries will grow again, and their respective group companies will also benefit, such as travel subsidiaries.

Win-win-win situation in affiliate marketing

This is why I am very much looking forward to affiliate marketing in 2021 because my affiliate page continues to actively grow in terms of traffic and revenue. 

Honest partners who publish high-quality content (whether text, video, podcast, or anything else) and devote themselves to their projects will also be able to earn huge profits through affiliate marketing in the future. 

On the other hand, affiliate spammers and scammers will find it more difficult. (More sales), customers (they get what they want) and affiliates (they get more commissions) benefit.

Truth about affiliate marketing


The fact is, yes, you can really make a lot of money through membership, I tell you this, not only my experience but also the experience of other friends who have almost become wealthy. 

This is certainly not easy, and it is not all. It sparkles. This is gold (as they say). Before you find the right campaign, you need to consider some elements and make many mistakes.

Let’s start with the basics, because among my readers, some people start from scratch, and then we summarize the affiliation determined by the person who provides the product/service.

There are several types of affiliation.

The first is the classic one, promoting a product/service of others and earning a percentage for each sale made

The second model is to be paid for an action other than a sale such as signing up for a portal or installing an app.

What’s different about these models? EVERYTHING! That is, everything changes based on your goals and how you want to develop your online business.

Usually to promote affiliate products/services you turn to real portals such as Digistore54 or Amazon where you will find many products to promote inside.

There are several reliable portals besides these such as for example Shareasale who works a lot in CPA and has a lot of affiliations with subscriptions rather than selling, I must also say that he really has many niches so you are spoiled for choice.

In summary, here is a brief summary of what affiliations are and what types of affiliations exist:

1- Affiliations consist in the promotion of products/services of others by earning a percentage on the sale or on any other action carried out by the user.

2- There are different types of affiliation: you can be paid for each sale of the product/service, for each action carried out even for free by the user such as leaving their email or you can also be paid for downloading an app if you decide to promote applications.

Now that we have introduced the main and basic parts, let us be more specific, but you should know that it is difficult to make money with partners, and if you do not do well, you may lose a lot of money. So it pays to read it at the end. From the article.

90% of people use affiliations in the following way:

Visit the portal (usually don’t know if it’s reliable, risk the commission dropping at lightning speed), grab the product with the highest profit margin (in short, choose the product with the highest profit per sale) and show it through Advertising hoping to get something before you can do it. Advertising is cheap and the people you sponsor (Google, Facebook, etc.) are not so demanding. 

This has changed, except that it’s completely useless. This method is no longer effective because neither Google nor Facebook allows you to directly promote affiliate marketing pages. 

That is, when you push people to promote products, if you go directly to Read the sales letter, your ad campaign on Facebook or Google will be rejected.

Now let us see how you can apply seriously and (really) build an effective business. First, you need to decide what content you want to promote. Therefore, there are different solutions.

Let’s start with the first: do you want to promote an ebook on Clickbank? (it is an example you can choose different portals). The first thing to do is to subscribe to the portal and choose the product in the niche you want to promote.

Here too I could talk for hours, but I’ll be brief: DON’T PROMOTE EVERYTHING THAT COMES IN YOUR MIND AND DON’T DO IT ONLY FOR MONEY.

Everything you promote you should know, even a minimum, this is because you have to know how to explain to people why they should buy the product.

There are different types of marketing, one we have seen above, the others are these:



I personally like the last option. You can often find people who put banners on their blogs and hope someone clicks on it and buys it, but it is not always profitable, you have to have thousands of visits Really win something like this. 

One way to sell travel guides, e-books, or services is to create costs and content. Few people do this, because it takes time, as well as testing and researching the products they advertise. 

I always recommend only advertise services or products that you have actually tried or are at least familiar with the industry so that you can explain why they are helpful to others.

You need to use your product to solve people’s problems. Even if it is slow at first, profits will come, especially within a few days, but over time, you will build a sustainable business, develop your brand, and make money easier and cleaner and build your own reputation in the world to build an industry.



When you have different niches, opening more blogs will become a problem, then the blog path is always the most profitable, but certainly not the only one. The choice is VALUES, which is very useful to generate free content and pay for clicks through the login page (email opt-in pages). 

In this way, you can capture the contact details of potential customers, they can always read free e-books related to your niche, and then by email, you can offer the product as an affiliate company.

This is the strategy I use the most, It is also used by my customers who directly complete the first sale. In this case, we are promoting weight loss products and conducting third-party marketing, that is, we are blogging, creating content, and we are promoting Opttin pages with free guides that help solve the problem that we have our own products. 

Some of the questions will be in the blog and email sequence later. By the way, in addition to affiliated companies, I also bought their products (so it’s important to keep in touch with users).

This is a system that I like, especially because it creates value, helps others solve problems, and you are serious about doing business, which made me win! 

This is what 90% of people do. If they are more stable, they will fail in a month, otherwise, they will quit the game even after two weeks. For example, suppose you are paid for registering users on the funding page. 

You cannot promote the link directly on the payee’s website, because advertising campaigns are usually rejected for a variety of reasons, such as abusing the link through others.

In this case, you can also use the subscription page, perhaps to provide free advice. Once the person downloads their suggestion for free, they will propose a solution to them via email. In this case, she can write: “Do you want a loan? You can request information here. It is free, and you can request it without obligation and paste the link where you want people to register.

Obviously, this is an example.

You create an opt-in page, you create value perhaps by solving a problem that many have and then you sell through email marketing by directing people to the site where they sign up.

You can insert (indeed, you have to) the link also within your free ebook so people can subscribe from there.


promote application

For example, if you want to sponsor an application, what should you do? The steps here are different and more complicated. There is nothing complicated in itself, just because the return on investment is very small, so in these types of activities, only invest in the losses you can bear in the initial stage. 

Let me tell you because in sponsoring applications It is difficult to find suitable activities during the program, or in this case, the profit is very small, about a few cents, rarely reaching a few dollars.

The problem is that when you advertise on a pay-per-click basis, you will reach a certain number of people, but not everyone clicks on your ad, and not everyone downloads the app initially. 

This is a return on investment. That is a huge challenge. You can find a suitable event, but you can make a lot of money! In this case, all you need to do is use different monitors, different images, and different targets for a lot of testing. 

You need to find an activity that will bring you the lowest cost and maximize profit. Remember, the first time I ran such an event, I invested $300, but only got a return of $120. Damn, I thought about bad results until I tried the right event for my purpose.

Now you know what affiliations are, how many types exist, and how to promote them, but let’s get to an important part: THERE ARE THREE FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS TO CONSIDER WHEN WORKING WITH AFFILIATE MARKETING.


Of course, if you don’t visit your website or sales page, you will never get any revenue. Therefore, your goal is to gain traffic and turn users into customers. 

The more you visit, the better your chances of selling there. For example, some blogs get thousands of hits every day, and they can even insert banners or download simple guides to gain membership. 

The more people who see your offer, the more likely they are to become customers. If you don’t have time to wait, one tip is to invest in paid advertising.

 If you don’t have a big budget, take some time to do sales right away, because if you don’t have enough traffic, the more you invest, the more people you contact, the more you invest, and the more you have. 

Of contacts, the more sales opportunities you have, then you can stop selling. If you have 10 contacts, don’t expect sales because they are too few to get results.


When promoting a product/service or application, you should always consider your click-through rate. 

When you run an ad campaign, many people will see your ad, but not everyone will click it, usually, only a small percentage of people will click it. 

People who follow your link are losing potential customers, so this factor should always be kept in mind. Generally, a good CTR is equal to or greater than 1%. Then you can say that your ad doesn’t like it very much, and the cost is increasing.

 If so, you need to improve the activity and fix the errors. Maybe it’s an image, maybe it’s text, you still need to test different campaigns to see which ad gets the most clicks from your link.


Every member wants to make money (we are not looking at each other’s eyes here), so you have to make sales. Conversion rate is a very important factor. This factor varies from product to product and product type. 

Activity. OK. If your campaign fails because it reaches the wrong goal, it may generate thousands of visits and zero conversions. A well-done event can have 100 clicks and 50 sales. 

There may be many factors, such as price has a great influence. Of course, if one product is $100 and the other is $20, the conversion rate will be different. To make a $100 sale, you need to have more. 

If you want to create one, please click. Considering the cost, it would be much easier to sell for $20. Whenever you decide to promote a product, always check the good results of the conversion rate to understand its value.

Also, pay attention to the response rate or response rate. You can see this when advertising with Clickbank, but not on all portals. In Clickbank, you can see the response rate of the product. Be careful, if someone will deduct you from the commission, He will ask for a refund. 

A high return on investment means that you do not like the product and you risk wasting time and money. Now that you understand the three important elements of working with affiliates, you can almost start your own business. 

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Hope this article is useful to you. If you want to share it, I will be very happy. It won’t cost you, but for me, it’s a very good gesture.

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