Is email marketing is dead 2021: The real truth

First of all, I have to say that the potential of email marketing is far from exhausted. Inadequate evaluation and subsequent imprecise or instinctive improvement processes indicate that email marketing is dead. So the real question is does email marketing work?

The result is improper treatment of the target group or abuse of the subject matter. We still have a lot to do ourselves, and many companies have given up some sales or image improvements in this way.


GDPR compliance

In the future, an email will definitely be more personalized. Given the multiple appearances in various media channels, this is a must, but the entry into force of the GDPR will definitely create more obstacles here.

It remains to be seen how the implementation of GDPR related to email marketing will affect advertiser’s willingness to innovate in the areas of address acquisition and subsequent personalized recipient positioning.

Gmail has promised more movement and commitment for developers to achieve breakthrough development. Therefore, you need to be able to interact with your inbox through AMP, update content, conduct surveys, confirm reservations, etc.

Of course, this is an exciting development, but it remains to be seen when and how other email clients with similar features will follow suit.

Those who were told that the dead lived longer, or what did it look like? Who actually reads email newsletters these days? After registering, you will find yourself in the continuous information routine of the communication company. The same news and promotions are everywhere.

Experts agree that email marketing will not last long. Wrong idea! This is far from anyone who still thinks of traditional weekly formulas when marketing newsletters or emails.

Almost 93% of e-commerce companies use newsletters for one-way communication with customers. This means that email marketing will remain one of the most successful online advertising methods in 2021.

This is not the first time this form of customer communication has been announced, but customers and prospects with consistently high registration rates ensure that email marketing is and remains a profitable channel.

In early 2010, but the experts were right: email marketing has changed its recipients. These days. Digital and still affordable.

Is email marketing still effective in 2021

email marketing fact

To directly answer the core of our blog post: Yes! Email marketing is modern and still one of the most important marketing channels. The trick is to make it like this.

  1. The content is really interesting and relevant to the readers
  2. The e-mails do not get lost in the information
  3. Added value is shown and purchase intentions are guided

It’s so easy, right? Email marketing is worthwhile: if you do it right in this marketing discipline, you can achieve unexpected success, because there is no more direct way to reach your customers than you, and deliberately and intentionally personally on your own In the mailbox.

Establish email consensus: Email marketing is a form of direct communication with stakeholders. In addition to the classic newsletter marketing, this also includes other forms of email, such as welcome emails, automatic birthday greetings, order confirmations, etc.

Automated, using your own email marketing tools, or manually configured, anyone who uses email as part of their marketing communications and communicates with customers is email marketing.

The best email marketing tools and platforms can track what happens when you send emails. You can track who opened your emails, which links were clicked the most, how many people registered or logged out, and so on.

These metrics will help you understand how effective your marketing campaigns are so that you can make decisions about further emails.

In addition, most email marketing programs allow email testing. A/B testing can help you target different variations of your campaign to different audiences and see which one provides the best results.

Importance of email marketing

importance of email marketing

If you have used any email marketing platform at any time in your career, you will know that this is a simple and inexpensive solution that can reach a large number of users with just one message.

If your small business has a tight budget, email marketing is the best option to attract and retain customers. In addition, many studies have shown that customers choose email as their preferred method of communication so that they don’t make mistakes.

Although email marketing has been labeled as “dead”, it is still one of the best ways to attract and retain customers. Although it may be the first on this list, email marketing is a strategy that some companies consider to be the most effective way to retain resellers and connect with potential customers.

A report by GetResponse shows that 53% of companies in the industry and 55% of marketing/advertising companies stated that email marketing provides a good return on a lot of investment.

According to statistics, it provides an excellent return on investment.

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More Sales With Email Marketing

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The benefits are endless, and if you have a good strategy, your business can grow significantly through email. Of course, we must not forget social media and other tools that have proven effective in digital marketing, but email marketing already exists. Stay and provide the best results.

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