Top 10 steps to promote your blog on Instagram

I like to share with you some of the ideas and techniques and strategies that I’ve been using to promote my business, my content, my blog.

So that maybe you can pick one or two out and implement them to promote a blog post for 2021. So at the end of the article, you will find out how to grow your blog on Instagram.

  • Profile
  • High-Quality content
  • Use suitable filters and text overlays
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Image carrousel
  • Follow the bloggers
  • Branded theme
  • Hype and buzz
  • Frequent update
  • Instagram live

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Step 1: Profile

Introduce yourself, let’s start with the bio area in your Instagram profile. Because you can’t afford to make this the best you possibly can. You leave it completely blank or just fill it with crap such as emojis and a bunch of useless hashtags.

So here’s what I want you to do in a short but accurate and inspiring bio. Let people know what you do and what your profile is essentially about.

Step 2: High-Quality content

Add a powerful call to action. In this instance, you want people to go to your blog. So just tell them. For example, in my bio, I use the call to action, visit my website to learn more about me. Add a link to your blog.

Now, this is very, very important to know how to share blog posts on Instagram. Because you cannot add a clickable link anywhere else in your Instagram profile or the content you are sharing, unless, of course, you are promoting through ads to drive visitors and traffic to your blog. Please use better-quality laptops to edit the images.

Post beautiful, relevant and shareable content. Now, of course, this goes without saying if you want to grow your followers and drive traffic to your blog from Instagram, your content has to be top-notch. It has to be attractive, relevant, and shareable. So here’s what I want you to do. Just post high-quality content. So that means quality images and videos. The perfect tool that you can use to create beautiful content is, of course, your laptops. So if you have one, make good use of it. No, to post content that is highly relevant to your cause, niche, or industry. 

Step 3: Use suitable filters and text overlays

Use suitable filters and text overlays in your images to make them visually attractive. Don’t just leave them raw. If you’re promoting a blog post, for example, you could create a featured post with a headline title Overlaying Image to describe your post strategy. Describe your content. Don’t leave people guessing what your content or your images are about or what it represents.

If you’re promoting a blog post once again or a page on your website, take advantage of the description area when you’re posting content, images, etc.

Share something interesting about the content you are sharing. Describe it well, make it magnetic and compelling, and don’t forget to use your call to action as well. You can share your blog post on Instagram story as well.

Step 4: Behind the scenes content

Share some behind the scenes content. So one of the things that I love to do is share behind the scenes of my online business. You should do the same if you’re able to. Of course, it’s great to be able to consistently provide value through your social media channels.

However, sometimes it’s nice to take your followers behind the scenes of your business. So in this case, your blogging business. So, for example, you could show people where you write your blog posts or the process and the tools that you use to create content or what you’re currently working on as well.

Step 5: Image carrousel

Turn one of your blog posts into an image carrousel.

Instagram allows you to upload more than one image in a single share. So one of the things that you could do is create a series of image slides of one of your blog posts, perhaps, and upload them to your Instagram profile.

In other words, repurpose one of your blog posts, your content into an Instagram post. You could make the first slide, the cover art, followed by the content slides, and then the last slide. You could provide some information about your blog and where visitors can go to learn more strategies.

Step 6: Follow the bloggers

Find and follow the bloggers in your niche. A great way to get your Instagram profile noticed by your target audience is, of course, by following the bloggers in your niche.

Let your existing blog readers as well find your Instagram, too. So you can do this by linking your to your profile, your Instagram profile from your blog. What I will say is that you should make every effort to frequently like and comment on the content shared by those who you follow on Instagram.

Make more connections with other bloggers on Instagram. You can see what their blog pages on Instagram look like. You can get their Instagram blog examples. It’s like helping each other in other ways. Keep following their ideas and get some information from them.  Also, convey your ideas to them. 

And hopefully people will do the same for yours.

Step 7: Branded theme

Create a branded theme that is unique to you. If you take a look at some of the profiles on Instagram, you’ll notice that some bloggers will have a theme. What you could do is incorporate your brand image or your identity into your theme. So anyone who follows and reads your blog will immediately recognize you and your profile on Instagram.

Step 8: Hype and buzz

 Create hype and buzz.

Use your Instagram profile to create hype, excitement, and curiosity around something that you’re working on, perhaps, or maybe something that you’re preparing to launch, whether that’s a new blog post or a new product. Let people know what’s coming and that they can get timely updates via your Instagram profile strategy. 

Step 9: Frequent update

You should announce your blog on instagram frequently.

Use stories to repurpose an entire blog post. Instagram stories are great for revealing a bunch of things about your blog, perhaps more behind-the-scenes stuff, etc.

It’s also great for creating buzz and excitement around a topic. So perhaps you’ve just published a new blog post, so why not post a story that will compel some of your followers to want to discover more and read your post? Or why not turn one of your blog posts when your existing ball goes into an Instagram story itself.

Step 10: Instagram live

Go to instagram live one a week. So you can have immediate response from your followers and get feedback. Also it’s a good chance for you to make people remember your blog.

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